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Adult Education

We are very fortunate to have a wide range of Adult Education courses running locally, with lots more in the surrounding areas of Hellesdon, Reepham & Horsford.

Spring is on its way, the sun will be shining and its time to get energised, either in body or mind! Close at hand are many exciting courses so why not enrol now?

If you need further information or would like to join a class please telephone the Hellesdon & District Adult Education office on 01603 411560

The new Summer Term commences on Monday 28th April.

Centre Day Venue Course Duration Time
Taverham Monday Village Hall Art / Watercolour   9.30-11.30am
" " " Medau Keep Fit   10-11.00am
" " High School Tai Chi   7.30-9pm
" Tuesday High School Badminton   7.30-9.30pm
" " " Computing Introduction from 10th June 6-8pm
" Wednesday Village Hall Watercolours   10.00-12.00pm
" Thursday High School Drawing and Painting   6.45-9.15pm
" " " First Steps PC   7-9.15pm
" " " Flower Arranging   7.00-9.00pm
" " " Keep Fit Medau   8.00-9.00pm
Drayton Tuesday Middle School Swimming for Beginners   11.30-12.00pm
" " " Swimming for Improvers   12.00-12.30pm
" " " Swimming for Fitness   12.30-1.00pm
" " Village Hall Medau Keep Fit   2.30-3.30pm
" Wednesday Bob Carter Centre Flower Arranging   10.00-12.00pm
" Friday Middle School Parent and Child   6.00-6.30pm
" " " Parent and Child   6.30-7.00pm
" " " Adult Beginners   7.00-7.30pm