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Refuse & Recycling

Refuse Careline : 01603 703216

Wheelie Bins

Broadland District Council is responsible for domestic refuse collection and provides every household with a wheelie bin. Please note that any rubbish left out that is not in your wheelie bin will not be taken away by the dustmen.

Community Skips

Occasionally community skips are orgainsed by Taverham Parish Council or Drayton Parish Council. Please check with them for details.

Green Box Recycling Scheme

Broadland District Council operates a fortnightly kerbside collection recycling service. If you contact them they will provide you with a green recycling box which can be used to recycle paper (including old yellow pages), bottles and cans.

Compost Bin Scheme

To reduce the amount of organic refuse, Broadland District Council also sell specially designed composters at a subsidised rate. These are designed to rapidly compost a mix of garden and kitchen waste.

Local Recycling Banks/Schemes

Details of local recycling banks are shown below. If you know of any local recycling schemes in operation please contact us.

Location Glass Other
Green Brown Clear Cans Paper Textiles Books
Drayton First School         X    
Budgens, Drayton X X X X X X X
Taverham Village Hall X   X X X    
Thorpe Marriott Village Hall X X X   X    
Hinks Meadow, Thorpe Marriott         X    
Pavillion, Longdale, Thorpe Marriott         X