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Thorpe Marriott Green Area

Thorpe Marriott Green Area Skate Park Plan

Recently a skate park has been opened in our village which was the cause of great excitement! It was opened on Saturday the 23rd of July 2011 by Claudette Bannock. After cutting the tape lots of teenagers and children rushed to use the skate park and have fun, eager to start learning tricks.

The skate park was actually open on the Friday however the official opening date was the 23rd of July. The skate park consists of two quarter pipes, one at either side at the back with a spine in the middle. On top of the quarter pipes are waiting areas or banks. On the left is a lower waiting area and then a gradually lowering path. On the right is a curved path rising up along the wall gradually getting bigger and then a steeper path curved downwards, perfect for beginners to learn how to drop-in. Finally in-between the different drops there is a gap jump and a table top.

Competitions started at around 10:30am and began with skate-boarding heats. There were two heats and the first two from each heat were selected to go onto the final. The judges decided who had won and then it was freestyle time for anyone with a scooter, skateboard or roller skates to do whatever they wanted on the skate park.

After an hour of free style Claudette Bannock cut the ribbon at 1pm to officially open the skate park. BMX's were then allowed on to do freestyle for one hour before the BMX competitions began. The BMX competition was the same as the skate boarding competition but with three heats and then the final. (There were no scooter or roller skating competitions). The winners of the BMX and skate boarding competition had their photo taken and these will appear in a magazine.

Ben W BMX rider.

BMX Tricks

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